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Casa Bella


129 North Federal Highway
Dania, FL 33004
Phone: (429)496-7295



Casa Bella Review - Mathew  Meyer (08-21-2006)

starstarstarstarstar Atmosphere
starstarstarstar Food
starstarstarstar Overall
starstarstarstar Price/Value
starstarstarstar Service

Was it a pleasant experience? Y

How many in your party? 2

Do they accept reservations? Y

Credit cards accepted? Y

If ordered wine, what type? Riesling

Would you return? Y

I have driven by this restaurant a thousand times...WHAT A HUGE MISTAKE!! The food here is exceptional, the wait staff is pleasant and attentive, the decor is quaint, and the price won\'t break your bank! We stopped here by chance on our anniversary, and we didn\'t have a reservation. The maitre d\' showed us to our table within minutes. The wine list, though not extensive, is acceptable and they don\'t try to recoup the mortgage payment in the cost of the bottle. The salad dressings are made on-site and are superb. There are traditional recipes on the menu as well as unique twists based on traditional Italian cooking. The owner stopped by our table to inquire as to our dining experience and, after a brief conversation, he explained that the building had been located here as a restaurant since 1907. I love old historic places. Dessert was the least impressive part of the meal - Tiramisu. It was a little dry for my taste, but the flavor was still great. I would absolutely recommend this restaurant to anyone for regular upscale dining or for a special occasion. I look forward to many returns.

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