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El Torito Mexican Grill


1401 S. Federal Highway
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
Phone: (429)496-7295



El Torito Mexican Grill Review - Art  Riley (03-06-2004)

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The hardest thing to find in South Florida is good Mexican-American cooking at a reasonable price. There are many restaurants which serve Mexican food of the authentic variety from Mexico City or the Norteno food of Nuevo Leon, but few which serve Tex-Mex or Cal-Mex food to which many Americans are accustomed. I personally prefer the Tex-Mex variety, especially the beef enchiladas. I have eaten around, trying to find just that perfect balance of tastes which I prefer and finally discovered El Torito Grill. I hope these guys don't get sued by the real El Torito people, because their restaurant is just dandy. The food, service, and ambience of the place are all fabulous and the prices are downright cheap.I had the enchilada dinner, one beef and one cheese enchilada (my choice), with rice and beans. Along with this perfect combination plate I had a side order of Guacamole which arrived in a molecate.My wife had the grilled chicken breast which came with black beans and white rice along with some platanos maduros. Not Mexican, but if you want to survive successfully as a latin restaurant in South Florida, you need a combination like this.My wife's friend had the Chicken quesadilla which came with crema and guacamole toppings.We all agreed that the food was delicious and served piping hot.Although we did not order fajitas, a couple near us did and they arrived on a sizzling platter filling the air with their aroma. The restaurant is decorated in typical Mexican restaurant motif with serapes and sombreros on the walls. Latin music is played on the sound system however, many nights the is entertainment with dancing in the bar area.The restaurant has a 2 for one margarita special on some nights.I give it twenty five big happy faces.

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