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Casa D'angelo


1201 N Federal Hwy
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33304
Phone: (429)496-7295



Casa D'angelo Review - Herbert  Lawson (01-29-2005)

starstarstar Atmosphere
starstarstar Food
starstar Overall
star Price/Value
starstarstar Service

Was it a pleasant experience? Unsure

How many in your party? 2

Do they accept reservations? N

Credit cards accepted? Y

If ordered wine, what type? Merlot

Would you return? Unsure

After the reviews I had read, we were a bit disappointed. It didn't seem superiour to other upscale Italian places. Maybe my expections were just too high.

Casa D'angelo Review - John  Barry (01-12-2005)

starstarstarstarstar Atmosphere
starstarstarstarstar Food
starstarstarstarstar Overall
starstarstarstarstar Price/Value
starstarstarstarstar Service

Was it a pleasant experience? Y

How many in your party? 2

Do they accept reservations? Y

Credit cards accepted? Y

Would you return? Y

Almost entire staff Italian, we were seated in front of the open kitchen. The appetizer special that night was meatballs and sausage in red sauce. Now I grew up in South Philadelphia. Italians in So Philly call red sauce \"gravy\". This was the best gravy I had in 20 years. But the meatballs were outstanding, again I hadn\'t had meatballs this good since my ex girlfriend\'s grandmother used to make them over 20 years ago. Homemade sausage that was absolutely delightful. Baby eggplant appetizer was amazing. Lasagna out of this world, gnocchi with bolognese sauce \"bravo\". The service was truely amazing. Never did I have to ask for a single item; every single staff member was aware of every table, I have never seen such attention to detail in a busy busy restaurant, yet we felt as though it was such an intimate dining experience. Not cheap but worth every penny!

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