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Renaisa Indian Restaurant


620 NE 78th Street
Miami, FL 33138
Phone: (305)758-2929



Renaisa Indian Restaurant Review - Cheryl  Price (09-13-2006)

starstarstar Atmosphere
starstarstarstar Food
starstarstarstar Overall
starstarstarstar Price/Value
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In the case of this restaurant, you can\'t judge a book by it\'s cover. The outside is a little scary, not the greatest neighborhood and all. We were pleasantly surprised because the food was very tasty of of high quality. The appetizers were excellent. The restaurant is located on a small channel of water, which adds to the ambiance, though we didn\'t sit by the view. They charged for refills on iced tea which the waitress failed to mention. This was somewhat of a problem, but now that you have been warned you should be okay. To sum up, if you are in the neighborhood or want to drive a little way for really good Indian food, check this place out.

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